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Competitive Intelligence Case Study: Breast Cancer Non-Profit Organization

A breast cancer non-profit organization utilizes retargeting campaign to increases donations


A breast cancer non-profit organization wanted to monetize users that had already visited their site without engagement. The objective was to increase donations to help the organization find a cure.


Implement a retargeting strategy to the non-profit organization’s website visitors where no engagement was made during initial visit.

A pixel was placed on the homepage, which dropped a cookie on all visitors and drove the users back to a landing page. A $50 donation was requested on the landing page along with bullet points detailing the benefits of contribution. Also, a Direct Ad Buy was purchased to drive additional traffic to the site.


The retargeting campaign was effective in driving $5,000 of direct-click conversions and $67,850 in view-through conversions.

The view-through conversions were measured within 24 hours of the campaign. The Direct Ad Buy resulted in a click-through-rate of .29%.

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