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FocusOn RFM Database – Recency / Frequency / Monetary

Each month FocusOn RFM – Recency / Frequency / Monetary captures 52 million transactions totaling $1.8 BILLION spent.

The best predictor of what a consumer is going to purchase in the future is what they have purchased in the past.   Our FocusOn RFM – Recency / Frequency / Monetary – database is a 100% true transaction database with all transactions reported from point of sale for 113 million consumers in 67 million households.  FocusOn RFM is a dynamic new-to-market database that will identify the best potential prospects for your marketing efforts. More than 10 billion transactions from more than 1,500 catalog, retail,and web merchants have been rolled up into 50+ categories and over 1,000 subcategories. Each category and subcategory has date of purchase, number of transactions, dollars spent, and purchase channel attached to it, all of which are selectable.

In addition, each consumer on our database has been assigned a Shopper Score based on their purchasing activity including number of transactions, dollars spent, and other factors. This score not only enables mailers to find their best future customer but can be used to reactivate past customers.

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Our RFM (Recency/Frequency/Monetary) Lists:

FocusOn RFM – Recency / Frequency / Monetary

What is FocusOn RFM?

10 Billion Point Of Sale Transactions
Shopper Score (based on Purchasing Activity)
Channel Preference (Retail, Web & Catalog)
Predictive Buying Behavior/Patterns/Trends

Sample Product Categories

  • eBooks
  • Photography
  • Cookware
  • Furniture
  • Power Tools
  • Inquire about additional categories…

Sample Product Sub-Categories

  • Womens & Men’s Apparel
  • Health Products
  • Electronics
  • Specialty Food
  • Home Decor
  • Inquire about additional categories…

You might find this pdf helpful…

FocusOn RFM

FocusOn RFM – Recency / Frequency / Monetary

Need to know

All RFM records are 100% Point of Sale — it’s not inferred, not modeled,  but rather generated 100% on actual transactions!

New Transactions are add monthly to the RFM database

Individual transaction categories available include:

  • Women’s and Men’s Apparel
  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Products
  • Children’s Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Designer Products
  • Electronics
  • Health Products
  • Home Products (Domestics, Furniture, Décor, Kitchen)
  • Jewelry
  • Pet Products
  • Religious Products
  • Sports Equipment

Shopper Score is based on the individuals purchasing activity including number of transactions, dollars spent, and other factors compared to total U.S. buying population

By utilizing our RFM Transactional Database you can reactivate lapsed customer by leveraging their purchasing potential.

Target High-Valued Prospects Across All Channels (Retail, Web, Catalog)

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